Monday, May 20, 2013


And so the journey continues...
After much thought, I have decided to delete this account.
I am not leaving, just consolidating my web presence.

In a couple of months, my SmugMug account will be all gone, along with this Blog.
The new site, including new blog site is here:

Thank you to everyone who has followed me thus far.

G+ and other social media carry terms that I just do not agree with. Photography is a passion that carries a large commitment of time and expense...and love. Love for the work, and love for those who read my work and find a bit of joy or beauty, or both.

I will remain on DA and G+, however G+ photos will be links only and I hope to just be a giver at DA.

Peace, and I hope to "see" you all still.

With heartfelt gratitude


3/27/17 - I am still at SmugMug and have made concerted efforts to consolidate there! Click the above link to get there!