Friday, March 30, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bye Plane!

Years ago.
I made photographs of my beautiful daughter on the branches of that tree.
It was warm and the fields were brown.
She is now married and teaches art...and would probably not even consider attempting to climb what is left of the tree.
A few years later.
My wife and I made photographs of an engaged couple who were to be wed.
They moved to Alabama, and now have a baby.
Not too long ago.
I watched a wren family feed their chicks in a hole at the end of one of the branches.
The male was a bully, and bossed around the mama relentlessly.
When I returned to see how they were faring....they were gone.
Not a trace.

Post processed in TOPAZ

Multiple exposures

Monday, March 19, 2018

Sailor's Dock

After many days
Of pitch and roll
Spray and foam

A dry place
Relatively speaking
No more crash
No more creaking

Lensbaby - Zoneplate Optic

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Indelible Mark of Freedom

Once it hits you, it just becomes a part of your workflow.
Pushing out all the rhetoric that others cage themselves with opens the mind to all possibilities. No more narrow field of view. The camera is set up manually...even focus is made manually.
There is no regard to manifestos, "classic techniques" or "the masters" (means and methods). These are respected, but mean little to a walk that looks to understand  the holistic experience at the personal level (interpretive impression). 
Color over there, warm components right here, crazy level lighting in that direction, subjected forms at that level over there with specific values  that will add to the message.
There is a sense of urgency as colors and clouds are shifting continuously. Test runs are made to confirm value interactions...and then it all busts loose before it changes too much. One frame.....second frame....wait....wait....third frame subject is not cooperating. Sometimes the wait just takes FOREVER before finishing....(several minutes). By then the light has changed! Adjust for changes. Maybe a secondary subjective value? Yes...there...that's it....BAM!
Occasionally, it works. Other times I have to leave the area completely to find the final segment because too much has changed.
Then people complain when I use post processing.

Once again...I have been informed that my work does not fit a determined mold for gallery representation. Rejection is not uncommon in this saturated market. I get has more to do with marketability than anything else.