Friday, July 28, 2017

Opinions Suck - So Here's Mine

Recently, I have read/seen several posts/videos from fellow photographers who have expressed their opinions concerning the practice of making photographs. Some of what is said seeks to truly strengthen the art form. Others...not so much.
Opinions are "funny" things. They either seek to support or criticize a specific view or practice. Typically they end up doing both. So when someone states "that's what photography is to me"...that sends up red flags for me.
When I hear/read something like that, my first thought is to break down what has been said, to see what is actually being said. In that one specific case, it was a film photographer stating what he feels "is photography" (paraphrase). The statement is a support of what he was doing and a slight against digital photography (and photographers) and its technological advances.
His case was presented with various over-saturated visual examples garnered from the web (I assume). Based on what I read, the assumptive conclusion is....that what he does is better, more artistic than those bastardized outcomes of the craft. Several other photographers chimed in in complete agreement for his excellent writing.
Let's set this straight. If you are a film photographer...for whatever reason, I respect you. Other photographers respect you. But, you are not better (than anyone else) for it. Neither do you set the standard by which other artistic photographers need to aspire to.
An artistic endeavor is an intimate journey  that each artist plots and struggles with at every turn. If an artist is lazy, and relies solely on post processing for the final result, who am I, and who are you to to disparage?
Film is a big part of a much bigger field of view, understanding that will take us much further than disrespecting the latest technology and those who employ it.
The final work will speak for itself, and will illicit favor, disdain or something in-between. THAT is predicated on the viewer. Not me, not you.
Live peaceably 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Four Years Back

Hey Hey!
So four years ago, I "deleted" this blog and decided to go in different directions as far as providers are concerned.
Since then, I have tried a few things and have come full circle and returned to this format.
It's simple.
It's free.
So, it fits.
Suffice it to say that I am also back on Smugmug in a more "fine art" approach for sales and single work features. Their format is great for that, but their blog procedures are "arduous" compared to the ease of this page.

So here we go again!

My next post has (again) more words concerning film photography, film photographers, and the apparent need to "define" what photography "is" and "is not".

Not controversial, more observational.