Friday, February 23, 2018

Triangular Trance

As I stood by the lake, my gaze transfixed on the play of light on water and I fell into a trance.
Fully awake, yet transported into another dimension, I left my body. Walking into the cool waters, I turned and saw myself looking into the air towards the mountains.
Turning and looking up, I saw myself rising in the form of a bird. My body was no longer old and decaying. Gravity no longer had its hold over me.
I was free.
Truly, truly free.

Multiple Exposures-Lensbaby Edge 80 Wide Open  + Radial Blur Added

Monday, February 12, 2018

Arsenal - Landscape Photographer Killer?

Product Here:

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to harness the functions of the new tech cameras and create an intelligent point-and-shoot remote. I have only briefly reviewed this product page, but am impressed with what this thing may actually produce.

It appears that if you mix someone who is a software developer and amateur landscape photographer, this is what you get. Apparently, no longer will you need to understand the limitations of the camera to get a fine art level photo. This device will figure it out for you by assessing the scene, run some calcs and spit out a perfectly made shot.

Good for him! The product has generated over $6m for production and will be available in June.

So what does this mean?

This development will make fine art photographers out of many who are good at composition. It won't be their efforts of making settings with the camera, but that won't matter any more. Not all art buyers are photographers...and... they really don't care "how you got the shot". At the least, it will add yet many more landscape photographers adding their work to the www. Ultimately, this will drive down the perceived value of artistic prints (my opinion).

That's fine I guess. I have always touted the idea of embracing technological advances. What will go away is the idea that a person is a "photographer". Someone who understands how to control the output...with digital or film.

The high sales of photography by any one person is really not just based on ability. It is also highly reliant on smart marketing....something which I have no time for currently. This strength will become even more apparent in the coming years (my opinion)

It will not do this:

(Not yet anyway)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Magic of a Song

It starts as a poem in the heart of a wordsmith.
Written down, spoken aloud.
How does it roll off the tongue?
Is the cadence "right"?

Does it tie you "to the kitchen floor"?

Once it works in the mind and all is in its place.
It is set free for listening.
For interpretation.
To follow and open the mind

Sung by anyone else
With chops, without chops
It overwhelms and the singer is left without any choice.
Just sing it.
It's mine, yours, it's everyone's... everything